Our Mission

You are not excused from the call to love the nations because of your location on a map.

God makes it clear that He loves nations. Heaven is going to be filled with every color and language and shape and size.

So we don’t merely make room for refugees and immigrants in our Stateside communities; we wholeheartedly seek out diversity, knowing that we are building the kingdom of God here and now, starting with a multi-ethnic church.

Your address does not have the power to weaken the light of Christ in you.

When Jesus gave us the Great Commission, it was not a conditional statement. It wasn’t a hobby we could choose when we feel like it. He didn’t say to make disciples of all nations when you feel ready or when the media says it’s a good idea.

It’s here and now. I don’t know how to easily say this, but there are wars waging all over the world. In countries and in hearts. People are hurting, and running on a search for answers – answers that you may have. They’re looking for love that only Jesus can give through His church.

We love, respect, and support our overseas missionaries. They model for us the truth: we are all called to the mission of loving the nations, no matter where we are or what it takes. Even if we stay in our hometown.

Some days it’s hard though. It’s hard to feel validated in our routines day to day, hard to know how to live in our humble mission. It’s easier to feel discouraged that our work close to home isn’t big enough. It’s too tempting to feel like we’re wasting our lives unless we pack up and move some hundred or thousand of miles away.

My heart breaks when I hear women talk about their work & calling like it’s unimportant or “not cool.” The good news is this is a space for heartbreakers.

There have been times when I’ve talked to people about my work on the field, and although their response to me has been encouraging, their response to themselves has been disheartening –

“That’s great, but I could never do that.”

“That’s great, but I just clean kids’ teeth.”

“That’s great, but my neighborhood is pretty white.”

But you know what else is great? The mission you’re living out.

I’ve heard some wise teachers say, “God doesn’t get the address wrong.” Dear one, you are not in the wrong place. You are not in a place that has achieved 100% heavenly status. You are not in a place where there’s not a single person searching in the dark for answers they can only find in the light. You are not in a position that doesn’t have the potential to influence someone else for good.

We need your mission in this world. We need your routine places and mundane weeks. Even if the call to diversity feels so far from your reach, it’s still there.

Loving refugees and welcoming immigrants isn’t as scary as they make it out to be.

(And living on mission is actually really fun!)

I’m going to give you practical tips for living on mission and walking close to Jesus. We’re going to talk about the Bible and other readings. We’re going to turn the focus onto Him, so that we truly believe that we are equipped to love the nations, whether we’re in our small hometown or a big city.

So I created this blog for you, fellow sojourner.

It’s a place where, I pray, you can gain valuable insight from my own international neighbors. Where we can clear up misconceptions. Were we can get advice about how to *actually* live on mission for the nations, no matter where we are on a map. Where you can feel empowered to love across borders.