My 5 most played songs from last year.

The only way I have made it through the last year is by singing.

I’m not a singer, but I love to sing. I think I’ve always been like this. And for a long time, I was oddly embarrassed by it. It wasn’t until I knew Who gave me a voice that I realized why I love to sing –

I love to sing because God delights in it. He welcomes even our pitchy, off-key voice. He hears our heart.

Many have questioned why He hasn’t been around this year. And even though He may seem quiet, I know Him as comforter. As provider, fortress, a shield around me when I feel scared. I know Him as ever present in all my days.

Without him, the confusion and chaos of this year would have been unbearable. Not only has He helped me, but He’s given reason to rejoice when it would have been easier to give up.

I didn’t realize how much I rejoiced with Him until I saw my 5 most played songs from last year. As it turns out, leaning into the Lord and rejoicing in Him has been a hope I’ve clung to.

And you know, I’ve really enjoyed singing to Him this year.

One day my kids and grandkids will ask how we made it through this year. I’ll remember the masks and sanitizer, the riots and political upheaval. I’ll remember these songs too.

Above all, I’ll remember the God who makes these songs true.

I’m sharing these songs of encouragement with you too. I hope you find as much joy and comfort in them as I have during this remarkable season. Wherever your journey is today – whether you’re on the road, at a desk, or doing dishes at the sink, I pray you sing knowing that God delights in your voice. Really, you.

The song I needed in the mornings before settling into my dining room table for another day of working remotely, when I wasn’t sure if I could do the new tasks and pivots ahead of me.

You Know My Name by Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Jimi Cravity

“You know my name –

and oh how You walk with me

and oh how You talk with me

and oh how You tell me

I am Your own”

The song I needed in the evenings as I lay on the living room floor with a journal, burdened by the weight of uncertainty and desiring to be near God.

Build My Home by Harp + Arrows

“Jesus, come lead me into the secret place and let me stay

as I come a little closer now, I fall to my knees and take my place”

The song I had on repeat what felt like every drive, and when I needed to refocus before heading into my classroom again.

All I Want by Red Rocks Worship

“My delight is found only in

the splendor of Your love

Your presence, oh God,

I find my joy is in Your truth”

The song that I needed to remember there’s victory even in what appears to be our loss and struggle.

Fountain (I Am Good) by Mosaic MSC

“You are the Father

love rushing through Your veins

warm and devoted

tenderness filled with strength

and You heal to the bone

You speak life to the soul”

The anthem as racial reconciliation came to the light, and for the first time in our generation as a nation, called it out and began considering how to move forward.

This is a Move by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

“bodies are still being raised

giants are still being slain

God, we believe ‘cause yes we can see that

wonders are still what You do”