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The world needs your mission.

Even if your world feels small.

I believe there are American Christians who forget their call to build a diverse church because of the consonance of their community.

I also believe that way more people than we realized want to join the conversation about refugees & immigrants, but don’t even know where to begin.

Here’s the truth: the world does not need your blind eye. It needs your mission.

The heart of God within you to seek out and love the nations is not diminished because of your location on a map. You’ve got the right address. You are not excused from the call to make disciples of the nations, fellow believer.

It was never my plan to work with refugees,

but God led me to it with no warning of how deeply my understanding of humanity would change. I’ve now walked four years on the field with refugees in Nashville, and I’m grateful He was faithful to follow through.

People want to join the conversation about refugees & immigrants in our communities. But there’s so much misinformation and politics involved – where can we find truth?

Using my daily on the field experience, I enrich the church’s understanding of immigration in our country and empower believers to love across borders.

I share the honest truth about the refugee experience and give advice (that I’ve had to learn the hard way) so you can believe in them too. As you seek to be faithful to Jesus’ call to love the nations, I’m here to share stories directly from the field, encourage you, and remind you of the truth: the world needs your mission. Even if it feels small.

Welcome, fellow sojourner. Living on mission is better together.

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